Wig Technical Information

Human Hair or Fibre?

The choice is yours but here is some information that may help aid your decision:

Fibre wigs and hairpieces provide wash and wear convenience as when washed they revert back to their original style. The fibre pieces are less prone to colour fade than human hair but cannot be heat styled. Fibre wigs at collar length or longer can experience friction frizz, however following the aftercare instructions can help to prevent this from happening.

Human hair wigs can be heat styled to suit; blow dried, straightened or curled and can be treated like growing hair. This does however mean that they require regular attention and can be more prone to colour fade. Using the very best products like our own T Range can help prolong the life of your wig.

Permatease and Machine Wefting

Some fibre wigs are produced on a machine wefted and net top foundation. The machine wefting allows breathability and comfort of fit. With many of these styles you will notice backcombing on the root are, this is Permatease which gives the root lift where required.


Both human hair and some fibre wigs are manufactured with a monofilament top, this gives a smoother, softer feel at the top and crown. The hair/fibre is hand knotted into the monofilament to give the appearance of growing hair. With monofilament tops you can change the parting for the style.

Hand Knotted Foundations

Hand knotted foundations are constructed with a 5 way stretch net, which is very light weight. Each strand of hair/fibre is individually knotted into the netting for a superior product finish.

Wig Size

The standard cap size for wigs is 54cm, all Trendco and Sentoo wigs come in petite sizes of around 52cm. All wigs have elastic adjusters at the nape area, which can be altered to ensure the best comfort and fit.