Meet Laura Our Trichologist

What Is Tricology?

Laura Berry TrichologistOver the past 30 years, Laura has gained invaluable experience and knowledge working in hair care.
After becoming a hair and scalp therapist in 2004, Laura graduated from the Institute of Trichologists in London in 2007. Specialising in various types of hair loss and scalp conditions, Laura now offers a highly professional, confidential service providing consultancy, ethical advice and treatment.
Trichology is a specialised science of the structure, function and diseases of human hair.
Clinical work involves the diagnosis and treatment of all types of hair loss and scalp disorders.

Do you need a Trichologist?
Suffering from hair loss, disorders of the scalp, or severely broken/damaged hair? Our trichologist can help you! By setting up a consultation our trichologist will examine your scalp and determine which treatment will suit your individual need. Trichology treatments can offer great relief from irritation and discomfort. The knowledge and experience of a trichologist is utilized to establish the nature of the hair problem thereby ensuring the most effective treatment will be received.